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B2A tour calendar

Welcome to our calendar page. With a Borneo tour already booked for dates at our coming 10th anniversary in June 2018 we can of course look forward with confidence on continued success. The last couple years were great in any way with a number of enjoyable tours. Our regulars were all there in 2015; Philippines and Taiwan tours, Thailand trips, the Sulawesi and Halmahera tour, Borneo... most important though I must note we added a new destination. We went to the Lesser Sundas and for a good start not just 1 but two of the new tours were completed successful. All great birding as you may read in our July tour report and September trip list.
   In 2016 two successful Philippine tours were completed (New Phil. report here) and also Taiwan and Borneo were  fully enjoyed.
   In 2017 and 2018 we continue to focus on Philippines, Borneo, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand with a limited number of scheduled departures besides the many private guided trips available.
    Alternatively, if tour dates don't fit for you, please simply drop us an email to check out availability of trips and guides. I would especially recommend this for Borneo and Thailand as these places work great for custom tours.


Jan. 30th - Feb. 14th

Philippines  Luzon, Mindanao and Palawan
Max. endemics tour! full
March 27th - April 5th

Taiwan  Endemics & Black-faced Spoonbills
Tour is full
May 1st - 11th

Borneo  Sabah
Custom tour; full
August 17th - 27th

Borneo  Sabah
Custom tour; full
October 1st - 18th

Sulawesi & Halmahera
Places available.
November 6th - 15th

Taiwan  Endemics & Black-faced Spoonbills
Places available

January 10th - 25th

Thailand  Central and North -2 week tour-
Places available.
Jan. 29th - Feb. 13th

Philippines  Luzon, Mindanao and Palawan
Max. endemics tour! Only 1 last place available.
June 11th - 21st

Borneo  Sabah
Custom tour; Confirmed with guaranteed departure.
A few participants may join Gill and Michael, extra eyes and company welcome!
July 23rd - August 9th

Lesser Sundas  Flores, Komodo, Timor and Sumba
Places available.

Spoon-billed SandpiperGuided trips in Central Thailand;

Whitehead's Broadbill in Sabah on BorneoBorneo; Sabah trip October 2016 photo gallery.
  Check our trip report.

Birding the Lesser Sundas
B2A featured tour report;
A few years ago we went exploring the islands strung out to the east of Bali, the popular holiday island in Indonesia. Eager to add the Lesser Sundas as a new destination this became reality in 2015 with two successful tours completed.  On offer is an enjoyable and exhilarating adventure for those who want to see the many exciting endemics and little-known avian specialities of these scenic islands. The links in this text-box will bring you to the report of our very first Lesser Sundas tour. Enjoy reading!
Check it out!