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         Indian Nightjar at Phuttamonton Park near Bangkok Thailand.  Indian Nightjar  Indian Nightjar

Indian Nightjar, Phuttamonton park near Bangkok, Thailand, 25 Oct. 2008


           Collared Scops Owl for Birding2asia by Stijn De Win.  Not the same bird as left but this is also a Collared Scops Owl which Stijn photograped at the same birdwatching site, Phuttamonton Park near Bangkok, Thailand.  Brown Hawk Owl

           Collared Scops Owl (with flash in evening)     Collared Scops Owl (at noon in natural light)                                    Brown Hawk Owl


           Javan Frogmouth      Mantanani Scops Owl      Ural Owl

           Javan Frogmouth, Trang, Jan. '09         Mantanani Scops Owl, Palawan, Feb. '08                 Ural Owl (chick), May '07



           Asia photo gallery Night birds / 7 pages and 20 species                                                                             next page



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Stijn De Win / Birding2asia

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