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B2A tour calendar

Welcome to our calendar page. In June 2018 we have celebrated our 10th anniversary with a totally free trip for 3 birders to Tawau Hills NP in Borneo. Check our 2018 year review in photos. We are ready for another 10 years! Please note we have no more places available for our 2019 trips. With tours booked full this year we can of course look forward with confidence on continued success. The last couple years were great in any way with a number of enjoyable trips. You are welcome to keep an eye out for our 2020 tours as they will start to appear on the calendar.

In 2020 we continue to focus on Borneo, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand with a limited number of scheduled departures besides the many private guided trips available.
    Alternatively, if tour dates don't fit for you, please simply drop us an email to check out availability of trips and guides. I would especially recommend this for Borneo and Thailand as these places work great for custom tours.


January 10th- 24th

Thailand  Central and North -2 week tour-
Jan. 28th - Feb. 12th

Philippines  Luzon, Mindanao and Palawan
Click to view our tour report + bird list. Check 2021 tour.
March 24th - April 2nd

Taiwan Endemics & Black-faced Spoonbills
Our tour report. Few places for March 2020.

July + September + Nov
Borneo Best of Sabah
Tour reports due.


January 10th - 23rd

Thailand  Central and North -17 day custom tour-
Special edition double guided tour for a group of 12; full
Feb. 15th - 25th

Sri Lanka Visit a top birding destination!
Custom tour; full
View our tour bird list. and photo report.

Feb. 28th- March 12th

Thailand  Central and North -2 week tour-
Another "all return client" tour booked full
March 22nd -  31st

Taiwan Endemics & Black-faced Spoonbills
3 places available.
View our 2019 tour report and  2018 tour bird list.

23rd April - 7th May

Borneo Best of Sabah
Custom tour; full

21st June - 1stJuly

Borneo Best of Sabah
Places available.
July 20th - Aug. 6th

Lesser Sundas  Flores, Komodo, Timor and Sumba
With Bali tour extension.
Nov. 02nd -  11th

Taiwan Endemics & Black-faced Spoonbills
Tour is full.


February 1st - 16th

Philippines  Luzon, Mindanao and Palawan
Max. endemics short tour, places available.

Taiwan birding
B2A featured tour report;
Our 2019 trip marked 10 years of B2A tours to Taiwan after I first explored this beautiful place in 2007. One may get to know the island pretty well, and travel to Taiwan may have become routine but love for “Isla Formosa” and it’s birds has not faded a bit....

Any trip to Taiwan is an enjoyable and exhilarating adventure for those who want to experience one of the best birding spots on earth. The links in this text-box will bring you to the report.
Check it out!

              Bird-of-Paradise in West PapuaWest Papua trip report Sept-Oct 2018.