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Play Red-collared Woodpecker sound.        Stijn De Win / Birding2asia free downloadable bird sounds.         Birding2asia sounds


Bird sounds main page                                                                Philippines / Taiwan / India / Thailand





                                                              -133 recordings from the North-East

                                                             made April – May 2009

                                                           Sounds include 8! species of Wren Babbler, Beautiful

                                                          Nuthatch, 12! species of Laughingthrush incl. Rufous-

                                                        chinned, Slender-billed Babbler, Black-breasted Parrotbill,

                                                       all 3 Tesia species, 3 Shortwings and Purple Cochoa. 

                                                      Possibly best of all isn’t a bird though, -check out the

                                                     superb song of the endangered Hoolock Gibbon!




                                               Recordings mostly from Subic and Bohol incl. those

                                             made on our February 2009 Philippines tour. 

                                            Sounds include White-fronted Tit, Red-bellied Pitta,

                                           Scale-feathered Malkoha and Mantanani Scops Owl.




                                    Recordings from the B2A trip made in April 2009 - 2010.

                                  Sounds include Taiwan Bush Warbler, Whamei, Dusky Fulvetta,

                                 Taiwan Partridge, Steere's Liocichla and White-browed Shortwing.




                         Compilation of 152 recordings on 12 pages incl.;

                       Recordings from the South, made on the B2A trip in April 2009.

                     Sounds include Javan Frogmouth, Green Broadbill, Raffles's Malkoha, Black Magpie.


                Sounds from Krung Ching, made on the B2A trip in Dec. 2009. 

              Recordings incl. Fluffy-backed Tit Babbler, Streak-breasted WP, Wallace’s Hawk Eagle...


         Sounds from central and northern Thailand ; KY, KK, DI, DAK, DCD, DL


Links to other free Asian bird sounds on the internet.




Recordings made on the B2A Philippines 2010 tour have been included in the tour report.

The full collection of over 50 species is free downloadable from the trip bird list.


With a start in June 2008, xeno-canto Asia -sister site of the excellent bird

sounds database for the Americas-, has already sounds for more

than 3000 Asian bird species online.


John Van Der Woude has a nice selection of bird sounds collected on his trip to Northern

Thailand in 2003.  It includes some scarcer species as Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo and

Slaty-bellied Tesia.  Another 18 bird sounds and Siamang song are on his Malaysia page.


The Hong Kong Birdwatching Society has a page with sounds of 63 Asian species.


David L. Martin on NatureBits has a nice collection of sounds from Bhutan.





            All recordings, photographs and web design copyright

       Download freely -for personal use only.  Contact recordist

         The use of B2A sounds for any kind of commercial use, mass production, and resale

          or otherwise without the written permission of Stijn De Win is strictly prohibited.

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