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birds in Asia


Stijn De Win


Asia birding info


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Asia photo gallery


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Arborophila torqueola


Arborophila mandellii


Polyplectron bicalcaratum


Cuculus sparverioides


Cuculus micropterus


Otus spilocephalus


Megalaima virens


Megalaima franklinii


Blythipicus pyrrhotis


P. striatus


B. leucophrys


Brachypteryx montana


Brachypteryx montana


Tesia castaneocoronata


Tesia castaneocoronata

      call with intro note

Tesia olivea


Tesia olivea

      alarm calls

Hill Partridge


Chestnut-breasted Partridge


Grey Peacock Pheasant


Large Hawk-Cuckoo


Indian Cuckoo


Mountain Scops-Owl


Great Barbet


Golden-throated Barbet


Bay Woodpecker


Striated Bulbul


Lesser Shortwing


White-browed Shortwing


White-browed Shortwing


Chestnut-headed Tesia


Chestnut-headed Tesia


Slaty-bellied Tesia


Slaty-bellied Tesia

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