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On these pages, you will find my recordings made on a birding trip to NE-India where I joined Henk, 

Jan-Hein and Joseph for 3 weeks in April – May 2009.  Thanks for the companionship on this great trip!


                                  Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

                                  -68 recordings incl. Beautiful Nuthatch, Cutia…made 25-30 April 2009


                                             Eaglenest is one of the least-known yet biologically most diverse National Parks of Asia.  Birding is 

                                             mostly from a dirt track that runs through the reserve reaching a maximum altitude of 2800 m asl at

                                             Eaglenest pass.  On our trip, we added 2 species probably new to the Sanctuary list. White-bellied

                                             Redstart and Rufous-chinned Laughingthrush of which is a sound recording included on these pages.


                     Dirang Valley

                     -25 recordings from Mandala road incl. Ward’s Trogon and Bar-winged Wren Babbler...

                      made 20-25 April 2009


                            Less well known than Eaglenest, Dirang lies not far to the north of it, even closer to the Bhutan border and is

                            another birding-hotspot in the NE.  Three areas are usually visited here, SangtiValley with breeding Long-billed

                            Plover, Sela Pass at 4200m is a good spot to catch up with some high altitude species and the Mandala road,

                            which climbs from Dirang at 1700m up to 3200m and supports the only patches of real pristine forest in the area. 

                            Consequently, most of my recordings have been made along the quiet Mandala road, as there’s little in the way

                            of decent bird song along the noisy main road up to Sela pass where habitat is severely degraded.  Sangti

                            Valley looks rather nice still but marshy fields aren’t exactly ‘the’ place to collect plenty bird song recordings.


       Mishmi Hills

       -40 recordings incl. Mishmi Wren Babbler, Rusty-bellied Shortwing and the full [Cachar] Wedge-billed

        Wren Babbler sounds set, made 4-8 May 2009


         Tucked away in the far NE close to the China and Burma borders lies the Mishmi Hills, which have some nice birding on offer

         along a paved road that runs from the town of Roing in the plains up to Mayodia pass at 2800m.  The road sees little traffic,

         the forest looks pristine (though hunting remains a problem) and birds are plentiful.  Accommodation and food are very basic

         though and I won’t forget easily the horrendous journey to get to this place for the few lifers it had on offer.  However, I

         made some very decent photos and recordings at Mishmi making it the effort more than worthwhile.



      -A few recordings from Kaziranga, Dibru Saikowa and Digboi, made  2, 10, 11 May 2009


All recordings, Verditer Flycatcher photo and web design copyright Stijn De Win/

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