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birds in Asia


Stijn De Win


Asia birding info


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Asia photo gallery


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     Philippine Hawk-Cuckoo


     Scale-feathered Malkoha


     Rufous Coucal 1


     Rufous Coucal 2

          different calls

     Rufous Coucal 3

          more calls

     Philippine Coucal


     Philippine Coucal


     Luzon Hornbill


     White-bellied Woodpecker


     Philippine Bulbul


     Philippine Bulbul


     Philippine Tailorbird


     White-browed Shama

          beautiful song!!

    White-browed Shama+

       Philippine Coucal


     White-fronted Tit!!

          Only on B2A!





Cuculus pectoralis


Phaenicophaeus cumingi


Centropus unirufus


Centropus unirufus


Centropus unirufus


Centropus viridis


Centropus viridis


Penelopides manillae


Dryocopus javensis


Ixos philippinus


Ixos philippinus


Orthotomus castaneiceps


Copsychus luzoniensis


Copsychus luzoniensis+

     Centropus viridis


Sittiparus semilarvatus


Dicrurus balicassius


Sarcops calvus


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