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B2A tour 2010

Recordings of over 50 species made on the

tour have been included in the trip report.




17 recordings from Subic bay Freeport,

Luzon’s best lowland forest birdwatching

site as described in the Subic info pages

on this website.

All recordings made 23-26 February

2009 except for Balicassiao and Coleto,

which are from 17 September 2008.




17 recordings from the superb forest at

RajahSikatuna National Park.  All

recordings made 1-3 March 2009.




Another 8 recordings from a few different

sites.  Mt. Makiling on Luzon, Tabunan

forest on Cebu and ‘the’ Owl from

Pandan Island on Palawan.



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